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Jinan Sieme CNC Equipement CO.,LTD. specializes in the manufacture of Laser cutting machine
  • precision fiber laser cutting machine
  • boss laser cutter
  • custom metal laser cutting
  • laser cutter for metal
    • precision fiber laser cutting machine
    • boss laser cutter
    • custom metal laser cutting
    • laser cutter for metal

    SM1390H Precision fiber metal laser cutting machine

    • category:Fiber laser metal cutting machine
    • Model:SM1390H
    • Views
    • Brandsiemelaser
    • Working size:1300mm*900mm
    • Power:500W/750W/1000W
    • Cut:SS up to 5mmCS up to 10mm
    • Price Range:$32800.00 to $46800.00
    • product manual

      Product Description

      SM1390H metal laser cutting machine uses a more sophisticated laser head. As a tool commonly used for laser cutting of stainless steel, SM1390H often has a better performance in the processing of stainless steel, metal and other materials. As a metal laser cutting machine, these two models are the first choice for many customers.

      SM1390H metal laser cutter Features Of Machine

      1: Double grinding ball screw and the Japan Yaskawa servo motor supply with better working performance;
      2: The whole machine adopts integrated design to save more space;
      3: Protective cover design, safe and pollution-free;
      4: Equipped with imported laser head laser with very fast thin plate cutting speed.

      SM1390H Precision fiber laser cutting machine Machine Configuration:



      Medium of laser

      Semiconductor pumping continuous ytterbium doped fiber

      Effective processing wide


      Maximum cutting thickness


      Positioning accuracy


      Max Air Line Speed


      Minimum line width


      The laser wavelength


      The input power


      750W Cutting Parameters:


      Cutting thickness mm

      Cutting speed m/min

      Auxiliary gas

      Carbon steel








      Stainless steel















      Suitable for materials and Applications

      For carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, alloy steel, silicon steel, spring steel, galvanized sheet, acid wash plate, copper,gold, aluminum and other metal sheet metal cutting.


      Application industry: metal cutting, electric switch manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, household electrical appliances manufacturing, kitchenware manufacturing, tool processing, and other mechanical manufacturing industries.

      SM1390H Laser metal cutter samples

      metal laser cutter.jpg


      After sales service and guarantee:


      1. Professional and free after-sales training

      Our company has the professional after-sales technical team ,  providing customers prompt door-to-door or online technical guidance , which can ensure customers are skilled in the equipment application in a short time . At the same time , after-sales technical team would visit customers regularly ,asking customers the using of equipment and upgrade the software of equipment for customers.

      2. After-sales outlets are all over the world  Our company has global customer service center , it has 16hours/day online customer service, which can solve all kinds of problems for domestic and foreign customers, our customer service will feedback problems to technical department and productive department , which would give you a satisfactory process of solving problem ,  ensuring constantly creation of money for you.

      3.The feedback of customer satisfaction survey  Company ‘s  after-sales service and technical department will visit customers regularly , inquiring your degree of satisfaction about the equipment and service , we would form proposal according to customer’s  feedback,  the aim of it is finding continuous improvement.

      4.Warranty Three year for machine, and 10 months for laser tubes.We supply online service 24 hours a day MSN, Skype, Yahoo, Gmail.

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