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Jinan Sieme CNC Equipement CO.,LTD. specializes in the manufacture of Laser cutting machine

    Big Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine SM3015GA

    • category:Fiber laser metal cutting machine
    • Model:SM3015G
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    • Brandsiemelaser
    • Working size:3000mm*1500mm/4500mm*1500mm/6000mmx2000mm
    • Power:1000Watt to 6000watt
    • Cut:0.4mm to 20 mm CS0.4mm to 12mm SS
    • Price Range:$46600.00 to $188800.00 according to configuration
    • product manual

      Machine Introduce:

      SM3015GA Fiber laser cutting machine mainly adopt for thick metal cutting.

      It is a heavy model and can equipment different power fiber source.IPG 1000W,IPG 2000W,IPG 3000W,IPG 4000W,IPG 5000W,IPG 6000W.

      Click SM3015GA Fiber laser metal cutting machine for 6000w video on youtube.

      fiber laser cutter for sale.jpg

      Machine Description:

      When you looking for metal laser cutting machine.The most important thing is machine quality and competence of company.Our company is more than ten years as a laser machine manufacturer.To ensure machine quality we have complete quality management system.We are not only looking for a end customer but a long-term business partner.For fiber laser cutting machine distributor,we can support for price,good service,professional technical programmes,exhibitions etc.

      1.Bed and beam

      1.1 Aviation level Aluminum alloy high strength beam

      1.2 Aviation level aluminum alloy is light.Acceleration is fast

      1.3 Segmented welding bed,improve bed stability,Prevent bed deformation.Lifetime is more than 20 years.

      1.4 High precision CNC fixed working table


      2.IPG Fiber Laser Generator

       Low Energy Consumption: Save energy and protect environment.Photoelectric conversion rate is up to 25-30%.Lifetime is more than 100,000 hours

      IPG Fiber.jpg

      3. Automatic Focusing Height Follower.

      Automatic sensor senses ensure good cutting quality and avoid the damage of nozzle and head.


      4.Drive System

      4.1 X,Y axis all adopt Japan servo motor system and driver system.

      Match-able with transmission system improve cutting speed and precision


      4.2 Separated cabinet proof dust and ensure electricity system working stable and being long lifetime.

      5.Rack and pinion and ball screw

      Imported guild rail.Grinding level double rack X Y axis.

      High precision and work stable.


      6.Control System:

      6.1 Cypcut control system with English language.

      6.2 Software with flying cutting mode for some small design.It saves time.

      6.3 With nesting function for save material

      7.Exchanging Platform

      It adopts an up and down exchange platform.Platform exchanging time within 15s.Save time and Machine Parameters:


      Medium of laser

      Semiconductor pumping continuous ytterbium 

      doped fiber

      Effective processing wide 

      1.5m*3.0m(exchange platform)

      Positioning accuracy 


      Max Air Line Speed


      Minimum line width


      Max. acceleration


      The laser wavelength


      Volatage and frequency



      Industry Applications

      Since sheet and pipe integrated design, Industry adaptability of SM3015GA has been greatly enhanced, including petroleum and pipe material, fitness equipment and other pipe material mainly mechanical processing, automotive manufacturing, kitchen appliance,electrical control box ,mechanical equipment,electrical equipment,lighting hardware fittings,elevator manufacturing,auto parts ,hardware and metal processing ,machine cabinet and other board materials mainly mechanical processing, etc. 

      Specially used for cutting carbon steel sheets (pipes), stainless steel sheets, galvanized steel(pipes), electrolytic zinc-coated steel sheet(pipes), silicon steel(pipes) and other kinds of thin metal sheets and pipes. Range of pipe diameters: 20-220mm.

      metal laser cutting.jpg


      1. Clear whole fiber laser cutting machine carefully

      2. Put on a tray which made by steel structure and water resit plywood.

      3. Dust-proof cabinet packed by plywood box independent.

      4. Laser source and spare part put on laser bed.

      5. If put in normal container.It save shipping cost.

      However Fiber machine is to wide to put in if packed by plywood box.

      5.1 Fiber 1325 model packed by protect foam and film.

      5.2 Fiber 3015 model need to dismantled some parts then paked by protect foam and film.

      6. If put in frame container,fiber laser cutter packed by plywood box after protect foam and film packing.


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