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Jinan Sieme CNC Equipement CO.,LTD. specializes in the manufacture of Laser cutting machine

    cnc steel sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine

    • category:Fiber laser metal cutting machine
    • Model:SM0640H
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    • Brandsiemelaser
    • Working size:400X600MM
    • Power:500W/750W/1000W
    • Cut:0.4mm to 10mm CS0.4mm to 5mm SS
    • Price Range:30000USD to 45000USD
    • product manual

      Technical Parameters:



      Machine model


      Laser power

      300w 500w 750w(optional)

      Work area


      Repeat positioning accuracy


      Maximum sped


      Maximum acceleration


      Transmission mode

      Grinding precision screw drive

      Power supply rated voltage and frequency





      product description:

      SM0640H fiber laser cutting machine is special for high precision machinery parts and microelectronics industry. Faster speed and higher precision professional for cutting thin metal sheet like stainless steel, carbon steel, Galvanized steel , etc.


      Application materials:

      Professional for cutting various thin metal sheet,steel plate ,stainless steel plate,cutting galvanized sheet,electrolytic plates and other metallic materials.

       T1MlWTBmLT1RCvBVdK (1).jpg



      SIEME CNC  implement the business philosophy of “ using strength to cast brand ,using quality to survive ,using innovation to make the progress, using the best service to win in the market “. SIEME CNC not only keep improving in the laser equipment but also use the best service to move customers . The satisfaction of customers is our highest goal ,our company will improve services and quality of products ,the aim is to create maximum value for customers . We are here to make the promise of serve you with the most intimate after-sales service

      1、professional and free after-sales training

      Our company has the professional after-sales technical team ,  providing customers prompt door-to-door or online technical guidance , which can ensure customers are skilled in the equipment application in a short time . At the same time , after-sales technical team would visit customers regularly ,asking customers the using of equipment and upgrade the software of equipment for customers.

      2、after-sales outlets are all over the world

      Our company has global customer service center , it has 16hours/day online customer service, which can solve all kinds of problems for domestic and foreign customers, our customer service will feedback problems to technical department and productive department , which would give you a satisfactory process of solving problem ,  ensuring constantly creation of money for you.


      3、the feedback of customer satisfaction survey

      Company ‘s  after-sales service and technical department will visit customers regularly , inquiring your degree of satisfaction about the equipment and service , we would form proposal according to customer’s  feedback,  the aim of it is finding continuous improvement.

      4、the warranty commitment of equipment

      The machine’s  warranty is one year ( not including optical devices and quick-wear parts), except that ,control software is free to upgrade . At the same time ,we guarantee that we will give you the most satisfactory answer for your question whether it is inside or outside of the machine.

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