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Jinan Sieme CNC Equipement CO.,LTD. specializes in the manufacture of Laser cutting machine
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    • co2 laser cutting machine
    • large format laser cutting machine
    • laser cutter
    • laser cut machine

    SM1325D CO2 acrylic laser cutting machine

    • category:Laser cutting machine
    • Model:SM1325D
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    • Brandsiemelaser
    • Working size:1300mm*2500mm/1500mm*3000mm
    • Power:80W/100W/150W/300W
    • Cut:0.2mm to 30mm acrylic according to power
    • Price Range:$5000.00 to $9900.00
    • product manual

      SM1325D Laser cutting machine Introduce:

      1.Anti-dust system to avoid the dust,improve the lift of rail and belt,make the machine 
      work more steadily             
      2.The machine side with Streamlined adornment,improve the visual effect.it's more popular in the market.
      3.Blade surface and shell side surface at the same height,it's more convenient for up-down loading
      4.Laser cover with the laser head  outside. Convenient for the operator to monitor the process at real-time 
      5.With the improved panel, electrical appliances'  layout more neat. beautiful and reasonable, further to eliminate interference.
      6.Reasonable distribution of electric appliances, optimizing the heat dissipation effect
      7.Use imported Italy synchronous belt, make sure processing stability and high precision .

      Machine Description:

      Laser Cutting Machine SM1325D

      Working size


      Laser power:

      W6 150w RECI brand(80w/100w/300w for optional)

      Laser tube:

      Co2 glass tube

      Cutting speed:


      Repeating location:

      ±0.05mm (no red dot)

      Working table:

      blade platform


      Support CorelDraw /Photoshop/AutoCAD output directly

      Support graphic format:


      Cooling system:

      CW5000 constant temperature protection water cooling

      Exhaust system

      exhaust fan and air assist


      Import wide belt with roller press

      Motor working:

      Stepper motor

      Driving system:


      Power supply:

      AC220±10% ,50~60Hz ,  10A max

      Gross weight:


      Package size:


      SM1325D Laser cutting machine description 

      laser cutting machine 1325.png       

               nonmetal laser cutting machine.png


      Acrylic, plastic, Plexiglas, wood, MDF, rubber, fabric, leather, glass, cardboard engraving and cutting work .


      CO2 Laser cutting machine SM1325D in factory 

      acrylic laser cutting machine.png


      1. Clear whole laser cutting machine carefully

      2. Put on a tray which made by steel structure and water resit plywood.

      3. Dust-proof cabinet packed by plywood box independent.

      4. Laser spare part put on laser bed.

      5. Laser cutting machine paked by protect foam and film.

      6.Laser cutter packed by plywood box after protect foam and film packing.

      Our company introduce:

      Jinan Sieme CNC Equipment CO.,LTD is enterprise specializing in manufacturing, marketing and R&D of fiber laser cutting machine,CO2 laser cutter,Plasma cutting machine and CNC Router. Because of the manufacturing of various products around us, laser has become the basis for supporting manufacturing. By continuously developing high-performance CNC and laser machines, you can serve a variety of manufacturing industries more efficiently. It is the mission of SIEME equipment to contribute a little to the society and make people's lives more colorful.

      We are committed to developing products that increase productivity and provide comprehensive solutions and rapid support to customers close to the world.

      And build strong trust relationships with customers around the world.Ten years of our effort,our machine is able to be popular in more than 100 Coutries from Europe, Africa, Mid east, America, Oceania and Southeast Asia.

      We pay attention to the training of high-tech talents and skilled workers, and has more than 150 professional and technical personnel,15 R&D personnel. Formed a strong team of skilled workers.And our technical team is able to earn more than 30 patents,Professional design and technical team tailored for your laser solutions.

      Aims to provide high quality service in the global laser intelligence;Our quality management system has certificated to ISO9001.All machines passed the European Union CE authentication,American FDA certificate .

      We have ultra-precision spindle manufacturing production line, box-type parts processing production line and CNC gantry guide grinding machine, large precision surface grinder, high-precision cylindrical grinder, high-precision coordinate grinder and other finishing equipment; large universal tool microscope, imported from Germany High-precision cylinometer, profiler, surface roughness meter, various types of precision testing equipment such as American Optical Company laser interferometer; new modern manufacturing and assembly plant. 

      We always follow the business philosophy and quality policy of excellence, customer first.Through technology introduction, cooperative development and independent innovation,we have developed and formed a group of key technologies and cores with independent intellectual property rights. product.Our main product are Fiber laser cutting machine(metal laser cutting machine),CO2 laser cutting engraving machine(nonmetal laser cutting machine,Laser marking machine (Fiber and CO2 for metal and nonmetal marking),Plasma metal cutting machine,Oscillating Knife cutting machine,CNC Router.

      Sieme equipment classification

      1. Metal cutting machine

      1.1 Fiber laser metal cutter

      1.2 Metal tube and plate Fiber laser cutter

      1.3 Plasma metal cutting machine

      2. Nonmetal laser cutting machine

      2.1 CO2 Laser cutting machine

      2.2 Fabric laser cutting machine

      2.3 Laser engraving machine

      3. Laser Marking machine

      3.1 CO2 laser marking machine

      3.2 Fiber laser marking machine

      4. 3D robot laser machine

      5. Oscillating knife cutting machine

      6. CNC Router

      Application indusstry of Sieme equipment

      Metal sheet industry

      Advertising logo

      Environmental protection equipment industry

      Construction machinery and equipment

      Petroleum pipe industry

      Home appliance

      Construction equipment





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