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How to choose metal cutter machine?

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How to choose metal cutter machine?

Differences and contrasts between laser cutting, water cutting and plasma cutting.


Application range comparison:

Laser cutting machine has a wide range of applications.It can cut both metal and non-metal.CO2 laser cutting machinecan cut non-meta such as acrylic,wood,cloth,leather etc.For metal cutting,such as stainless steel,mild steel,brass,alluminum, fiber laser cutting machine is good choice. Small deformation of themetal sheet.

Water cutting is cold cutting, no heat deformation, good quality of cutting surface, no need for secondary processing, and easy secondary processing if needed. Water cutting can punch and cut any material, and the cutting speed is fast and the processing size is flexible.

Plasma cutting machine can be used for cutting various metal materials such as stainless steel,aluminum,copper,cast iron,carbon steel.Plasma cutting has obvious thermal effect,low precision,and the cutting surface is not easy to be further processed.

Cutting thickness comparison

The industrial application of laser cut carbon steel is generally below 20MM. Cutting ability is generally below 40MM. Stainless steel industrial applications are generally below 16MM, and the cutting capacity is generally below 25MM. Moreover,as the thickness of the workpiece increases, the cutting speed drops significantly.

The thickness of the water cut can be very thick,0.8-100MM, or even thicker material.

The plasma cutting thickness is 0-120m, and the plasma system with the best cutting quality range of about 20mm has the highest cost performance.

Cutting speed comparison

Cutting a 2mm thick carbon steel plate with a fiber laser machinepower of 1200W,the cutting speed can reach 6m/min. Cutting a 5mm thick acrylic plate, the cutting speed can reach 12m/min. Laser cutting speed is fast and can be used for mass production.

The water cutting speed is quite slow and is not suitable for mass production.

Plasma cutting has a slow cutting speed and low relative accuracy, which is more suitable for cutting thick plates,but the end faces have a slope.

Comparison of cutting accuracy

The laser cutting slit is narrow, the slits are parallel on both sides and perpendicular to the surface, and the dimensional accuracy of the cut parts can reach ±0.2 mm.

Plasma can reach less than 1mm;

Water cutting does not produce thermal deformation with an accuracy of ±0.1mm. If a dynamic water cutting machine is used, the cutting accuracy can be improved, and the cutting accuracy can be up to ±0.02mm, eliminating the cutting slope.

Slit width comparison

Laser cutting is more precise than plasma cutting, and the slit is small, about 0.5mm.

Plasma cutting slits are larger than laser cutting, around 1-2mm;

Water-cut cuts are approximately 10% larger than the diameter of the knife tube, typically between 0.8mm and 1.2mm. As the diameter of the sanding tube expands, the incision becomes larger.

Cutting surface quality comparison

The surface roughness of laser cutting is bad than cutingt by water, and the thicker the material, the more obvious.

Water cutting does not alter the texture of the material surrounding the cutting seam (laser is a hot cut that changes the texture around the cutting area).

Production input cost comparison

Laser cutting machines have different prices for different purposes. Cheaper CO2 laser cutting machines are only $3000 to $5000 . The expensive 1000W fiber laser cutting machine now costs more than $30,000. Laser cutting has no consumables, but the equipment investment cost is the highest among all cutting methods.

Plasma cutting machines are much cheaper than laser cutting machines. Depending on the power and brand of the plasma cutting machine, the price is different, and the cost of use is high. Basically, as long as the conductive material can be cut.

The cost of water cutting equipment is second only to laser cutting, high energy consumption, high maintenance cost, and no cutting speed. Because all abrasives are disposable, they are discharged into nature once. The environmental pollution brought by it is also serious.

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