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How fiber laser machine nozzle affect cutting qualit

Article Source:www.siemelaser.com.com   Author:Eagle CNC Edit   release time:2019-04-03 17:02   Views:


How fiber laser cutting machine nozzle affect cutting quality?

First, the relationship between nozzle and cutting quality.


The effect on the cutting quality when the center of the nozzle is different from the center of the laser.


1. Affect the cutting section. When the cutting gas is sprayed, the gas volume is not uniform, so the cutting 

section is more prone to one side and there is no melting on the other side. For the thin sheet below 3mm, 

its influence is small. When cutting a sheet of 3mm or more, its effect is more serious, sometimes it can not be cut.

2.  Affect the sharp corner quality. When cutting a workpiece with a sharp corner or a small angle, local 

over-melting is likely to occur. When cutting a thick plate, it may not be cut.

3. Affecting the perforation, the instability during punching, the time is not easy to control, Punchng of thick 

plate may cause over-melting, and the penetration condition is difficult to grasp, and the perforation of the 

thin plate is less affected.  

Next FAQ we show how to choose nozzle.

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